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Thulium – Tm

Thulium belongs to the lanthanides series. It's a bright silvery-gray luster and can be cut by a knife. It's the smallest amount abundant of the rare earth and its metal is straightforward to figure. It slowly tarnishes in air but is more immune to oxidation than most rare-earth elements. It also has some corrosion resistance in dry air and good ductility. Present thulium is formed entirely of the stable isotope Tm-169.



Melting point

1545°C, 2813°F, 1818 K 


Boiling point

1950°C, 3542°F, 2223 K 


Density (g cm−3)


Atomic number


Relative atomic mass


State at 20°C


Key isotopes


Electron configuration

[Xe] 4f136s2 

CAS number


Applications of Thulium

Pure metal and compound have few commercial applications: the reason is it's very rare and expensive and has little to supply, thulium finds little application outside chemical research. Thulium has been wont to create lasers. When stable thulium (Tm-169) is bombarded during a reactor it can later function as a radiation source in portable X-ray devices. It also has potential use in ceramic magnetic materials called ferrites, which are utilized in microwave equipment. By its fluorescence, especially low levels, Thulium-doped calcium sulfate has been utilized in personal radiation dosimeters because it can register.