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Ytterbium – Yb

Ytterbium is a soft, malleable, and fairly ductile element that exhibits a bright silvery luster. As a rare-earth element, ytterbium is definitely attacked and dissolved by mineral acids, slowly reacts with water, and oxidizes in air. On the surface, the oxide forms a protective layer. Ytterbium compounds are very rare.



Melting point

824°C, 1515°F, 1097 K 


Boiling point

1196°C, 2185°F, 1469 K 


Density (g cm−3)


Atomic number


Relative atomic mass


State at 20°C


Key isotopes

172Yb, 173Yb, 174Yb 

Electron configuration

[Xe] 4f146s2 

CAS number


Applications of Ytterbium

Ytterbium is usually related to yttrium or other related elements and is employed in certain steels. Its metal might be wont to help improve the grain refinement, strength, and other mechanical properties of chrome steel. Some ytterbium alloys are utilized in dentistry. One ytterbium isotope has been used as a radiation source substitute for a transportable X-ray machine when electricity wasn't available. Like other rare-earth elements, ytterbium is often won't dope phosphors, or for ceramic capacitors and other electronic devices. Besides, it can even act as an industrial catalyst.