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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items

Tantalum Metal and Alloys

Tantalum is a shiny, silvery metal. Tantalum is soft when it is pure. At temperatures below 150°C, it's almost resistant to chemical attack. Thanks to an oxide film on its surface, t tantalum is virtually immune to corrosion.


Tantalum is mainly used in four areas: high-temperature applications, like aircraft engines; electrical devices, like capacitors; surgical implants and handling corrosive chemicals. Tantalum resists corrosion and is nearly impervious to chemical attack, for this reason, it's been employed in industry, e.g. for heat exchangers in boilers where strong acids are vaporized. Tantalum is rarely used as an alloying agent because it tends to form metals brittle.

Tantalum Physical & General Properties

  •         Element Category – Transition Metals
  •         Phase – Solid
  •         Symbol – Ta
  •         Number – 73
  •         STD Atomic Weight – 180.94788
  •         Crystal Structure – Body-Centered Cubic
  •         Melting Temperature – 5463° F, 3017° C, 3290 K
  •         Boiling Temperature – 9856° F, 5458° C, 5731 K
  •         Electrical Resistivity – 20° C, 131 nΩ·m
  •         Thermal Conductivity – 300 K, 57.5 W·m−1·K−1
  •         Thermal Expansion – 25°C, 6.3 µm·m−1·K−1

Tantalum Products we can provide

Sheet/Plate, Tantalum Rod/Wire, Tantalum Powder, Tantalum Tube, Tantalum Strip/Foil,  Tantalum Crucible.

Tantalum Alloys

Tantalum tungsten (Ta10W, Ta2.5W) alloy, Tantalum niobium (Ta40Nb) alloy