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Scandium - Sc

Scandium is a soft, silvery transition element that occurs in rare minerals from Scandinavia. It develops a rather yellowish or pinkish cast when exposed to air. Scandium tarnished in the air and burn easily, once it's been ignited. It reacts with water to make hydrogen gas and can dissolve in lots kinds of acids. Pure scandium is produced by heating scandium fluoride (ScF3) with calcium metal.


Melting point

1541°C, 2806°F, 1814 K 


Boiling point

2836°C, 5137°F, 3109 K 


Density (g cm−3)


Atomic number


Relative atomic mass


State at 20°C


Key isotopes


Electron configuration

[Ar] 3d14s2 

CAS number


Applications of Scandium

Scandium is one of the rare chemicals, which can be found in equipment in houses such as color TV, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, and glasses. Because of the fact that it is suited to produce catalyzers and to polish glass, the application of scandium is still growing.

By volume, the aluminum-scandium alloys are often used for the aerospace industry and for sports equipment (bikes, baseball bats, etc.) which rely on high-performance materials. During the welding of high-strength aluminum alloys, it has been shown to reduce solidification cracking.