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Boron Nitride (BN) Tube

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Boron Nitride Tube (BN Tube) is made of powdered hexagonal boron nitride through high-temperature vacuum hot-pressing sintering. Heeger Materials is a worldwide supplier of Boron Nitride Tubes.

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Boron nitride pipes are mainly used as insulating sleeves. Boron Nitride(also referred to as BN), Hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN), and hot-pressed boron nitride, are good self-lubricate ceramic that will withstand heat and maintain their lubricating capability during a high vacuum environment. Hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN) behaves almost like graphite mechanically, but it offers better electric resistance. The Boron Nitride Tubes (BN Tubes) from Heeger Materials are made up of hot-pressed boron nitride blank.

Boron Nitride Tube Advantages

– Low wettability to molten metal
– Low dielectric constant
– Relatively high dielectric strength
– Relatively high thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion
– Relatively high thermal shock resistance
– Extremely high working temperature with proper inert gas protection (>3000C has been recorded).
– Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Boron Nitride Tube Applications

Boron Nitride ceramic from Heeger Materials can endure heat within the high vacuum environment, plus it's chemically inert — the excellent corrosion resistance and electric resistance. Therefore, Boron Nitride ceramic product is a perfect choice during a wide selection of industries, such as:

-Electric insulators in vacuum system
-Boron Nitride ceramic components for PVD, MOCVD, MBE system.
-Nozzles for nonferrous metals metallurgy industry
-Spacers for glass melting
-Insulators for high-temperature furnace

Types of hexagonal boron nitride materials

  • Pyrolytic boron nitride PBN: 99.99% boron nitride
  • High purity boron nitride HPBN: >98.5% boron nitride + boron oxide
  • Calcium Borate Boron Nitride CABN: >97.5% Boron Nitride + Calcium Borate
  • Aluminum Nitride Boron Nitride ALBN: Boron Nitride + Aluminum Nitride + Boron Aluminum Oxide
  • Zirconia Boron Nitride ZRBN: Boron Nitride + Zirconia + Boron Oxide
  • Zirconium Aluminum Boron Nitride ZABN: Boron Nitride + Zirconia + Aluminum Nitride + Aluminum Boron Oxide
  • Silicon carbide boron nitride SCBN: boron nitride + silicon carbide + boron silicon oxide

Boron Nitride Tube Available Materials

BN99Hot pressed at high temperature (1900℃).
Excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Limited wear resistance
Self-bonded and high purity(>99%)
Machinable Blanks
Finished Parts
BNBOGeneral-purpose material
Bonded by boric oxide
Finished Parts
BNCBCalcium borate bonded boron nitride
Enhanced moisture resistance
Finished Parts
BN60BN 60%, SiO2 40%Finished Parts
BN40BN 40%, SiO2 60%Finished Parts


BN-45%, Zr2O3 45%Finished Parts

Targeted market

  • High-temperature furnace manufacturing
  • Ceramic manufacturing semiconductor
  • PVD coating
  • Microwave etc.

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