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Calcium Hexaboride (CaB6) Powder, CAS 12007-99-7

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Calcium boride also called Calcium Hexaboride (CaB6) is a boron-containing additive used as anti-oxidation, anti-erosion, and improving thermal strength of dolomite and magnesium dolomite refractories. It is also used as a deoxidizing and degassing agent for high conductivity copper to improve conductivity and strength, and as a chemical agent for other chemical purposes.

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Calcium hexaboride (CaB6) is black-gray powder or granules. The melting point is 2230, the relative density is 2.33g/cm, and it is insoluble in water at 15 and normal temperature. HM provides high-quality Calcium Hexaboride (CaB6) powder at a competitive price, which can be used in Scientific research or industrial production.

  • Molecular formula: CaB6
  • CAS No.: 12007-99-7
  • Gray-black solid, hardness 9
  • Relative density 2.33
  • Melting point 2,200°C

Calcium hexaboride is stable at high temperatures in the air, insoluble in hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, and does not react with water. It can be corroded by strong oxidants such as chlorine, fluorine, nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc., and reacts very slowly with alkali.

Application of Calcium hexaboride

  1. Used as a boron-containing additive for dolomite and magnesium dolomite refractories to resist oxidation, corrosion and improve thermal strength.
  2. Used as a deoxidizing and degassing agent for high conductivity copper to improve conductivity and strength.
  3. Used as a new type of material for neutron prevention in the nuclear industry.
  4. Used as a new type of semiconductor material in spintronic components with a Curie temperature of 900K.
  5. Used as a raw material for the manufacture of boron trichloride (BCl3) and amorphous boron.
  6. Used as a raw material for manufacturing high-purity metal borides (TiB2, ZrB2, HfB2, etc.) and high-purity boron alloys (Ni-B, Co-B, Cu-B, etc.).
  7. It is used to manufacture a mixture of calcium-boron nitride (Ca3B2N4) and hexagonal boron nitride containing catalyst and use to produce crystal cubic boron nitride with excellent performance.
  8. Used as desulfurization, deoxidation, and boron increase agent for boron alloy cast iron.
  9. Used as desulfurization, deoxidation, and boron increase agent for boron steel.
  10. Used as a deoxidizer for metal smelting.

Calcium Hexaboride Storage Conditions

This product should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment. It should not be exposed to the air for a long time to prevent agglomeration due to moisture, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect. In addition, avoid heavy pressure and do not contact with oxidants. Transport as ordinary goods.

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