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Magnesium Yttrium Neodymium Master Alloy (Mg-Y-Nd Alloy)

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We provide Magnesium Yttrium Neodymium Master Alloy in shape of Waffle Ingot, rod and shot at a competitive price.

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Magnesium-yttrium alloy is made by melting metal magnesium, Neodymium and metal yttrium. The common alloy ratio is 20-70% magnesium, and the ratio can also be customized. Magnesium based master alloy has uniform and stable composition, which can meet the requirements of magnesium alloy composition, microstructure regulation and performance improvement. Static cast finished products are available in a variety of forms including full or cut waffle ingot and notch bar ingot. Magnesium Yttrium Neodymium(Mg-Y-Nd) Master Alloy master alloys are also available in shot, screened and sized to specification, and in bagged shot.

Specification of Magnesium Yttrium Neodymium Master Alloy:



Content of Y



20 ~ 70 




Purity of REE: >99.9% REM


Fe </= 0.003

Si </= 0.01

Cu </= 0.005

Ni </= 0.001

Al </= 0.01

Co </= 0.0001


The Mg-Y alloy system is a typical magnesium alloy system that can be strengthened by complete heat treatment precipitation. Adding other alloying elements (such as Nd, Zn, Zr, etc.) to the alloy will significantly reduce the solid solubility of Y in magnesium, but can greatly increase the volume fraction of the precipitated phase in the alloy, thereby further improving the mechanical properties of the alloy.

Product Line & Custom Capabilities:

In addition to master alloyspresented herein, we produce other precision alloyingadditives. For free literature and more information, requestthe specific bulletins.

      Extruded Rod             Extruded Rod in Coil

Standard Forms:

       Waffle Ingot                   Notch-bar Ingot                 Cut Waffle                       Shot                    Bagged Shot

Packaging &Shipping:

Our master alloys are packaged in steel or fiber drums on pallets, wood or card board pallet boxes, and stretch-wrapped on pallets. Most items are available from stock for prompt shipment.

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