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Tantalum (Ta) Powder


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Tantalum (Ta) is a high corrosion-resistant metal that makes it a valuable material in a large number of chemical applications. Tantalum can be used in the equipment construction sector, furnace construction, medical and electronics industry. The sphere tantalum powder is also available.

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Data sheet

Purity99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%
StandardASTM B708-98
Formula Weight180.95
Melting Point3017 °C
Spec. Gravity16.6 gm/cm3
Lot Size10kg, 50kg, 100kg

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Tantalum Metal Powder

Tantalum is a chemical element with the symbol Ta and atomic number 73.  Tantalum is a rare, hard, blue-gray, lustrous transition metal that is highly corrosion-resistant. 


Tantalum Powder


3N (99.9%), 3N5 (99.95%), 4N (99.99%), and 4N5 (99.995%)

Particle Size

-200mesh, -325mesh, micron, nanometer, customized.

CAS Number


Formula Weight


Melting Point

3017 °C

Spec. Gravity

16.6 gm/cm3

  • Phase at STP: solid
  • Appearance: gray blue
  • Melting point: 3290 K (3017 °C, 5463 °F)
  • Boiling point: 5731 K (5458 °C, 9856 °F)
  • Density (near r.t.): 16.69 g/cm3
  • when liquid (at m.p.): 15 g/cm3
  • The heat of fusion: 36.57 kJ/mol
  • The heat of vaporization: 753 kJ/mol
  • Molar heat capacity:25.36 J/(mol·K)

Specifications of Ta Powder

Item No.



Lot Size


Tantalum Metal Powder 
Metallurgical Grade 
-150 mesh or -325 mesh.

Ta > 99.95% (metals basis) 
Nb < 0.010%, Fe < 0.005%, Ni < 0.005%, Si < 0.015% 
O < 0.2%, H < 0.005%, N < 0.01%, C < 0.015%

10 kg 
50 kg 
100 kg


Tantalum Metal Powder 
Electron Beam Grade 
-150 mesh or -325 mesh.

Ta > 99.95% (metals basis) 
Nb < 50 ppm, Fe < 25 ppm, Ni < 50 ppm, Si < 10 ppm 
O < 2000 ppm, N < 50 ppm, C < 50 ppm

10 kg 
50 kg 
100 kg


Tantalum Metal Powder 
Various Capacitor Grades 
Ask for detailed specs.

Ta > 99.95% (metals basis) 
O 1600~2800 ppm, N 70~300 ppm, C 70~100 ppm 
Nb < 50 ppm, Fe+Cr+Ni < 150 ppm, Si < 10 ppm 
Specific capacitance: 3,500 to 40,000 µfv/g

10 kg 
50 kg 
100 kg

Heeger Materials offers broad selections of bulk density, particle size range, and purity. The purity includes commercially pure, 3N (99.9%), 3N5 (99.95%), 4N (99.99%), and 4N5 (99.995%).


Tantalum metal powder can be used in sputtering targets, alloys, thermal and chemical resistant coating, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), and electrolytic capacitors. There are four types of powders:

  •  Nodular powder from the chemical reduction of tantalum salt or oxide. The resulting powder is aggregated consisting of primary particles and pores. It has a relatively low density and high surface area.
  • EB powder from hydride and de-hydride of electron bean or arc melted ingot. The particle of this powder is typically angular and non-aggregated.
  • Capacitor Grades powder can be used to manufacture high-performance chip or dipping type tantalum electrolyte capacitors.
  • Spherical powder from plasma inert gas atomization. This generates a spherical shape with a smooth surface that has excellent flow characteristics. The powder is particularly suitable for 3D printing. 

Regular Tantalum Metal Powder we have provided

  • Tantalum Metal Powder, 99.95%, -325 mesh
  • Tantalum Metal Powder, 99.95%, -200 mesh
  • Tantalum Metal Powder, 99.95%, D(50): <8μm, D(90): <20μm
  • Tantalum Metal Powder, 99.95%, D(50): <3μm, D(90): <10μm
  • Tantalum Metal Powder, 99.95%, -200 mesh (O<1000 ppm, N<60 ppm, all others<50 ppm each
  • Spherical Tantalum (Ta) Powder

  Special particle sizes can be customized upon your request.

Packaging of Tantalum Powder:

Our Tantalum powder is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation.

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