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Tantalum (V) Oxide, Tantalum pentoxide, Ta2O5


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Tantalum (Ta) is a high corrosion resistance metal that makes it a valuable material in a large number of chemical applications. Tantalum can be used in equipment construction sector, furnace construction, medical and electronics industry.

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Purity99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%
Formula Weight441.98
Melting Point1800 °C
Spec. Gravity8.2 gm/cm3
Lot Size10kg, 50kg, 100kg

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Tantalum pentoxide is write or faint yellow powder, widely used in the manufacture of advanced optical glass and catalyst.

Item No.DescriptionPurity (Impurities in Oxides)Lot Size
HTTa0006-3NTantalum (V) Oxide Powder Particle size (FSSS): 0.5~2 µmTa2O5 > 99.9% (metals basis) Nb < 0.005%, Fe < 0.005%, Si < 0.002% Ti < 0.002%, Ni < 0.002%, W < 0.003%10 kg 50 kg 100 kg
HTTa0006-4NTantalum (V) Oxide Powder Particle size (FSSS): 1~3 µmTa2O5 > 99.99% (metals basis) Nb < 10 ppm, Fe < 10 ppm, Si < 10 ppm Ti < 3 ppm, Ni < 3 ppm, W < 5 ppm10 kg 50 kg 100 kg
HTTa0006-5NTantalum (V) Oxide Powder Particle size (FSSS): 1~3 µmTa2O5 > 99.999% (metals basis) Nb < 2 ppm, Fe < 3 ppm, Si < 3 ppm Ti < 1 ppm, Ni < 1 ppm, W < 2 ppm10 kg 50 kg 100 kg

Chemical Composition:

R05400 (%,Max)
R05255 (Ta10W) (%,Max)0.010.0150.010.00150.–11.0
R05452 (Ta2.5W) (%,Max)0.010.0150.010.00150.–3.5
R05240 (Ta-40Nb) (%,Max)–

Tantalum and Tantalum Alloy

  • R05200, unalloyed tantalum, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both
  • R05400, unalloyed tantalum, powder-metallurgy consolidation.
  • R05255, tantalum alloy, 90 % tantalum, 10 % tungsten, electron-beam furnace of vacuum-arc melt, or both.
  • R05252, tantalum alloy, 97.5 % tantalum, 2.5 % tungsten, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both.
  • R05240, tantalum alloy, 60 % tantalum, 40 % niobium, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt.

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